What is the local church prayer initiative?

From the place of prayer, GHOP's leadership felt led to start a strategic initiative to mobilize targeted prayer for local churches in our region. We plan to accomplish this through monthly prayer gatherings, weekly text and voice message directives, social media platforms, and small group gatherings.

Ultimately, we are asking God to "Remember Greenville" by praying and mobilizing the church to offer specific prayers for 4 different local churches each month. If you would like to include a local church in this initiative please contact us. 


Why HAVE a Local Church Prayer Initiative?

We know that Jesus desires for His church to be in perfect unity and to love each other with His perfect love (Jn. 17:20-23). One way for this to be accomplished is through prayer for one another.  It's been said that you cannot genuinely pray for someone without growing in love for them. We believe this to be true and therefore want to see more believers and churches praying for one another in our city. 

What might God do if the Body of Christ in our region agreed in consistent, focused prayer for its local churches?  What if pastors & leaders committed to pray more for one another?  What could happen if saints from various local churches prayed not only for their own churches and leaders but also for others?

We believe that God might hear and answer our prayers and that it would result in greater love and unity in the body of Christ.


how to participate

Text GHOP to 33222 to receive weekly prayer directives via text message. 

Follow us on Facebook to receive more detailed updates.

Join us for one of our worship, prayer or small group gatherings.


What We are praying

Pray the following for the local churches we highlight each month:

  1. That there be an increased Revelation of Jesus unto His Glorification in their midst.

  2. That there be a spirit of Repentance where its needed and a greater experience of the Grace of God.

  3. That they may experience Revival spurring them on to Good works.

Pray for the pastors, staff and congregation. Pray for the families and marriages. Ultimately, pray as the Holy Spirit leads you.

In addition to praying for the local churches highlighted each month, take time to pray for your own local church each week. 


Highlighted local churches

***Sign up for our weekly text message directives as instructed above to stay up to date with this listing***